This page contains data from KASB’s ongoing surveys and other data collections.  (Sorted by update dates)


  • What surveys each district has submitted by year. – Updated 05/01/2017

Retirement 2016-17

Other Staff 2016-17

Teacher Contracts 2016-17

Employee Relations 2016-17

Supplemental Pay 2016-17

Central Office Staff 2016-17

Principals 2016-17:

Superintendents 2016-17:

Fees 2016-17:  

  • Fees for participation, admissions, class and school equipment and materials, and use of equipment and facilities. – Updated 05/01/2017

Calendar 2016-17:  

Teacher Salary Schedules:

Enrollment Projections

  • Projections for district enrollments by grade and by lunch program participation for 2016-17 based on actual enrollment and district birth rate data. – Updated 02/14/2017

School Board Elections:

  • Outcomes of school board elections occurring odd years in November. – Updated 07/01/2015

School District Question Submitted Elections:

  • School district special question election activity as reported by County Election Clerks. – Updated 06/16/2016

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