This page houses research-related publications produced by KASB.  (Sorted by publication date)

The Impact of Poverty and School Size on the 2015‐16 Kansas State Assessment Results

  • This report presents the results of a statistical analysis to determine the extent to which a school’s enrollment size and the percent of students eligible for free or reduced‐price lunch predict student performance on the 2015‐16 Kansas State Assessments. – March 2017

2016 KASB State Education Report Card

Kansas School Expenditures 1998-99 through 2014-15:  Trends and Details

School Staffing in Kansas:  An Analysis of KSDE Data on Staff Counts and Salaries

Comparing Kansas:  Student Attainment, Student Achievement, and School Spending

  • This report compares data from a variety of national sources for Kansas with other state groups; focusing on student attainment, student achievement, and school spending. – May 2016

Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent Salaries and Positions:  Trends in Kansas from 1997-98 to 2014-15

  • This report discusses the change in teacher, principal, and superintendent salaries and numbers of positions in Kansas public schools from the 1997-98 school year to the 2014-15 school year – March 2016

The Gannon equity decision and the impact of state aid changes on local property rates and per pupil revenues

  • Report showing the impact of recent Kansas school funding system changes on each district and the resulting inequity in the tax burden. – February 2016

Estimated Impact of HB 2504

Comparing Kansas:  State-Level Data and Its Implications

  • Kansas is compared to three state groups; those similar to Kansas, those performing better than Kansas, and those performing better than Kansas when controlling for population characteristics. – August 2015

Comparing Kansas: Teacher Salary, Education, and Experience

  • Data on teachers salary, education, and experience is compared to other states. – August 2015

Comparing Kansas Data Packets

Comparing Kansas: The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

  • Data on NAEP outcome measures and funding is compared to other states – November 2015

Comparing Kansas:  Attainment

  • Data on graduation, postsecondary enrollment, and degrees earned is compared to other states – January 2016

Kansas Progress Report and Fact Sheet

  • Info on the state of Kansas education compared to the rest of the country. – September 2015

Long-Term Growth in Instructional and Student Support Employees

  • Info on staff numbers and ratios in Kansas over time. – May 2015
    • [PDF]
    • Addendum broken out by KLRD categories [PDF] – December 2015

Kansas Educational Achievement Report Card 2015

  • Info on Kansas compared to the rest of the country. – January 2015

Kansas Statewide Enrollment Projection 2014-15

  • Projection for statewide enrollment numbers through 2019-20. – January 2015

Educational Funding and Student Outcomes

  • The relationship as evidenced by state-level data – September 2014

At Risk Funding in Kansas

  • Free Lunch Status and At-Risk Status – September 2014

Kansas Statewide Enrollment Projection 2013-14

  • Projection for statewide enrollment numbers through 2018-19. – July 2014

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