Interactive Reports

This page contains information gathered by KASB from various sources organized around a central topic either as standalone interactive tools or as supplements for publications.  (Sorted by update date)

2016-17 District Profiles

  • This tool provides a variety of details about each district that are pertinent to legislators and policymakers.  Data can be shown for multiple districts and/or the state for comparison. – Updated 12/22/2016

KSDE District Expenditure Data

  • This tool contains district expenditures by fund, function, and object from 1998-99 to 2015-16.  Multiple tables and graphs are provided that can be filtered by a wide variety of factors including district, KSHSAA class, function, and so forth. – Updated 12/08/2016

KSDE State Assessment Data

  • This tool contains data from the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Kansas State Assessments for all public and private accredited school districts broken out by grade, subject, student group, and performance level.  Data can be filtered by a variety of factors. – Updated 12/07/2016

Candidates and Endorsements

  • Want to know who is running to represent you in the Legislature and how major groups involved in the education debate view those candidates?  Check out this handy tool that shows a comprehensive list of candidates and allows you to easily connect with the data.

Enrollment Projections

  • Projections for district enrollments by grade and by lunch program participation for 2016-17 based on actual enrollment and district birth rate data.

Negotiations Data

  • Interactive tool combining data from several sources. For use in relation to teacher contract negotiations.

Does Money Matter in Education (Second Edition)

  • This report presents a comprehensive review of the high-quality empirical evidence on whether and how money matters in education, written by Rutgers Professor Bruce Baker. This is the second edition of the report originally released in 2012. It has been updated by the author.

District Financial Profile

  • Data gathered, mainly from KSDE, to present for the New Board Member Workshops. Provides a good overview of district financial and demographic data. – Updated 06/22/2015

Kansas Education Achievement Report Card

  • State-level data on various educational factors used for the KASB 2015 State Report Card. – Updated 11/13/2015

Student Staff Ratios

  • This interactive report shows the change in staff and students from 1998 to 2015 based on data from KSDE. – Updated 05/12/2015

Estimated Impact of SB7 and Block Grant Plan  

  • Tool for showing the impact of Senate Bill 7 at the state and district level. – Updated 04/16/2015

Election Changes

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